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March 17, 2019

15 wishes

It’s Sunday evening. In Hallstadt near Bamberg, 12 year-old Lilia is visited by FIT-Z. The teenager fashion brand of the HABA Family of Companies is turning 15 in March 2019. To celebrate this, and also make others happy, FIT-Z is granting 15 wishes. And Lilia has a wish: A chiffon dress with a lace top and shawl. In February her mother entered the competition for her. And won.

“What’s nicer than making children’s eyes light up?”

That’s why Lilia is receiving a personal surprise visit from a small FIT-Z Team today. “We’re on our way to a seminar in Cologne, and thought we’d stop past on the way to deliver her gift in person.” After all, what’s nicer than making children’s eyes light up?” says Amelie Ziegler, who is accompanied by Nadine Kleinlein, Angela Carl and Carina Gruber. In their luggage, they have the dream dress and also a few other surprises, so that Lilia’s two siblings aren’t left empty handed. The children are delighted. Especially because the dress fits Lilia perfectly. “I’ll wear it to my cousin’s christening”, she says happily, and is very thankful. Before saying farewell, Lilia’s father takes a photo as a reminder.

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