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January 14, 2019

5.000 Euros for “Sternstunden”

“Bid for a good cause” was the HABA motto last year. As part of the anniversary initiative “80 years. 80 good deeds”, eleven HABA XXL favorite dolls, not available on the open market, were auctioned off.

Looking for a new home for the unique dolls, HABA came up with the idea of launching a charity auction. From April to November, the auctions took place on United Charity, the largest auction portal in Europe.

The doll called “Fairy Linn with Unicorn” achieved the highest bid of 390 Euro. For every doll auctioned off, HABA also added another 200 euros to each one.

“We were really happy that the dolls were auctioned off at such high prices.”

The final amount donated was topped up with one Euro per person from the revenue from ticket sales of the stage play “Little Orchard” performed in spring ( by the Theater Mär. A total of 5.000 euros was collected, to help do good works for children.

“We are delighted that the auction campaigns were so well received, and we would like to thank all the bidders,” says Kristin Weiss, Head of HABA Communications. HABA has now donated the proceeds from the auction to the Sternstunden e.V. Association.

Kristin Weiss explains why Sternstunden was chosen.  “Children and their families are the focus of our company philosophy. It was particularly important to us to do something good for children with the proceeds from the auctions, so we chose to support the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation’s charity campaign, which predominantly supports children’s aid projects in Bavaria and Germany.”

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