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September 19, 2018

700 kilometers of assurance

700 kilometers from Graz to Bad Rodach: René Grossauer, who works as a Sales Representative for Wehrfritz, covered this distance by bicycle in just three days. It is a project close to his heart. With this initiative, René Grossauer is collecting donations for the children’s hospice “Sterntalerhof”, to give families with sick children assurance.

And he did it! One week after crossing the finish line in Bad Rodach, René Grossauer is back in Austria. Today he is visiting Sterntalerhof in the community of Loipersdorf-Kitzladen to hand over the donation to Managing Director and Board member Harald Jankovits in person. After an impressive 3,371 euros were donated, the HABA Family of Companies rounded this up today, so that 4,000 euros will now go to Sterntalerhof. “We are happy to support such a great initiative,” says partner Sabine Habermaass.

“This initiative was just the beginning. I will keep going.”

Sterntalerhof Managing Director, Harald Jankovits, is impressed: “This is magnificent. Rarely has a private fundraiser had such an effect. The money can be used to finance specific therapeutic stays for affected families.”

The credo of the non-profit association, which is financed through donations and private means alone, is: a family is never turned away just because they cannot afford care. “Every family in need is very welcome and makes whatever contribution they can,” explains Harald Jankovits. “The rest is provided by the ‘Sterntalerhof Network’ with its partners, sponsors, donors, and other supporters.”

In addition to the amount donated, Harald Jankovits believes the initiative made another very important contribution: “With this initiative so many people, even beyond the Austrian border, have learned more about us and our work – that is priceless.”

This is precisely why René Grossauer wants to continue acting as an ambassador in the future. “Sterntalerhof does a wonderful job and I want to continue to support this. This initiative was just the beginning. I will keep going!”

A look back – this was René Grossauer’s route

Day 1, September 11, 2018: From Graz to Salzburg

René Grossauer sets off in the morning. After preparing his bike and packing his provisions for the ride the day before, at half past seven today he is standing in front of the city hall in Graz. “Nothing can stop me now,” he announces. Even though he has the longest stretch of track ahead of him today, at around 300 kilometers, René Grossauer is relaxed. “I just have to sit and pedal,” he laughs. Good friends accompany him for the first few kilometers. More than 1,800 euros have already been donated to Sterntalerhof. “It’s great that so many people support me and are doing a good deed with me,” says a delighted René Grossauer, who pedals with motivation. Every kilometer and every euro count!

Day 2, September 12, 2018: From Salzburg to Nuremberg

“Up to now, everything’s going wonderfully: I’m doing great so far and my legs still feel fine,” he reports. By mid-morning he has already covered about 130 kilometers, and therefore crossed the border between Austria and Germany. It is now a little more than 160 kilometers to Nuremberg, the destination for today. And the donations keep rolling in. 2,100 euros so far. Many of the donors leave congratulations and motivating comments for René Grossauer on the fundraising page. Harald Jankovits, Sterntalerhof Managing Director and Board member, is also delighted: “What fantastic leg work for us!”

Day 3, September 13, 2018. From Nuremberg to Bad Rodach

Bad Rodach on September 13 at 1:45 pm: “We’ve made it!” René Grossauer turns into August-Grosch-Straße and reaches his destination in front of the headquarters of the HABA Family of Companies! He’s completed over 700 kilometers! His colleagues have gathered, cheering for him and waving colorful flags with the words “That was great!” And indeed it was. “Incredible! I’m speechless,” says Sabine Habermaass, partner in the HABA Family of Companies, as René Grossauer gets off his bike and is grateful for the glass of non-alcoholic beer handed to him. Partner Heike Habermaass and the two Managing Directors Karl Fischer and Harald Grosch also welcome the Austrian employee at the finish line. “A brilliant reception!” says René Grossauer. Even though he doesn’t look like he’s just traveled for three days and 700 kilometers, he admits that yesterday was particularly exhausting. He had to climb many meters in altitude between Salzburg and Nuremberg and navigating on the route he was previously unfamiliar with was not always easy. “It was good to know what I was pedaling for and that every kilometer is worth it,” says René Grossauer. He is grateful to his stepfather, who accompanied him in his car all the way from Graz to Bad Rodach and provided him with everything he needed. The third and last stage with its 120 kilometers was quickly completed today. But René Grossauer is still looking forward to a shower in the hotel and an afternoon in the thermal baths. He deserves it! In the coming week he would like to hand over the donation, which currently stands at 2,600 euros, to Sterntalerhof in person. “Even though I have reached my target, you can and should still donate,” encourages René Grossauer.

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