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April 11, 2019

80 wishes granted

A cuddly Krümel doll, a bright red fire truck with a long ladder, or a thick book: every child has something that they really want. On the anniversary of the HABA Family of Companies, JAKO-O grants these wishes as part of the “80 good deeds” campaign. Together with their parents, in February children could write a wish list, either online or in a branch, with their personal favorite products from JAKO-O.

80 little winners were drawn from the many participants, and were surprised with their wish. Most winners received their favorite product by post. But JAKO-O employees Steffi Stärker and Annalena Blohm personally delivered the prizes to two families. The Riehl Family prepared a nice afternoon with baked goods and drinks. Florian (6 years) and Julian (2 years) beam expectantly, and can hardly wait to open the box full of colorful Lego blocks to start building their first Lego figures.

“The blocks are so wonderfully bright, and you can build special figures with them”

On behalf of her grandchildren, grandmother Sylvia Riehl wished for a Lego building kit. “The blocks are so wonderfully bright, and you can build special figures with them”, she wrote on her wish list. “That’s right!” confirm Florian and Julian eagerly. Many hours of playing fun is guaranteed with the welcome surprise: 1000 building blocks in various shapes, colors and sizes encourage creative construction of all sorts of figures, animals and buildings.

Happy faces await the JAKO-O messengers at the Stampf Family too. “We’ve never won anything”, says the mother Nina, and hugs them happily. She wished for a Hudora Big Wheel for her two boys Louis (6 years) and Henri (2 years). The whole family is very excited as Steffi and Annalena arrive at their door with the big package. Excited, the children unpack the scooter, and once Nina helps with setting up the folding scooter, Louis whizzes around, instantly proving that this wish was granted to the right recipients.

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