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April 24, 2019

A field of flowers

The children at the Kinderhaus Luise Habermaass watch in amazement as a tractor drives back and forth in front of their window. Today it’s time to garden. Six colleagues from HABA campaign management have taken the day off work to spend time planting a field of flowers with the children, and create a home for insects. A little expert knowledge can’t hurt. Company gardener Guenter Lehmann provides support, and has the right tools with him. These include his tractor, which loosens up the ground and breaks up roots.

The children rush outside. They want to help. And of course that’s OK. The children wait, excited to find out what happens next. “First we need to collect all the loose roots from the ground”, explains Christoph Kirchner. In no time flat there’s a pile of roots next to the planned flowerbed, and the children can pick up rakes to get the ground ready for sowing.

“It’ll grow into a sunflower!”

While one group gardens enthusiastically, a second group builds an “insect hotel”. “We’re building a nice home for the different insects”, Sarah Gräf explains to the children. She brought the basic structure with her. Now the children can fill the individual “rooms” with their choice of branches, straw, clay, snail shells and other materials. The children enthusiastically head off to look for suitable natural materials. Then they paint the insect hotel in bright colors.

In the meantime, little gardeners are sowing seeds. They examine the seeds curiously. “This is a sunflower seed! It’ll grow into a sunflower”, calls one of the children proudly. Once all the seeds are sown, the ground needs to be compacted: “Imagine you’re little elephants, and stomp around on the soil”, says Guenter. The children turn their arms into trunks, trumpet like elephants and trample the ground down.

Now it’s time to water the garden, and place the insect hotel in the perfect spot, on a tree trunk with a view of the flower meadow.

Although the children want to see the first flowers blooming and hear the first buzzing insects, they need to wait a while. But with a little patience and care, the garden is sure to transform into a colorful sea of flowers!

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