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January 31, 2019

A gift of life

Monday. It’s the start of the working week, but at the HABA Family of Companies in Bad Rodach, everything is different this morning. The Bavarian Red Cross Blood Donation Service  is visiting. Wherever people are meeting and working, there’s a lot going on. Instead of the usual rows of chairs, the large Rückert Hall has recliners and the surrounding meeting rooms have been converted into doctors’ rooms.

Having a major blood donation campaign today was what the employees wanted in the Year of Good Deeds. You know why? Because a pint of blood can save lives. Every donation counts, because an average of 15,000 blood donations per day are needed to care for the sick and injured in Germany.

I do this out of a sense of conviction!

The partners and management set a good example and are the first to give blood. “We were very pleased to respond to the wishes of the employees and so we invited the blood donation service to join us,” says company partner Heike Habermaass, who also regularly donates blood in her own time. Meanwhile, more and more employees are gathering at the registration desk. The volunteers of the Bavarian Red Cross are explaining how it works and reassuring one or two of the first donors who are a little nervous.

One of the first donors is Claudia Rose, a member of the HABA Campaign Management team. She’s been thinking about donating blood for a long time. Today’s action is very convenient for her, to help her take the first step.

Claudia is not a one-off. Of the total of 115 donors, for more than half of them this is the first time they have donated blood. Others, like Ines Peter, who works in IT, have a bit more experience. Today she is donating blood for the 67th time. “I do this out of a sense of conviction!”, she says.

The HABA Family of Companies and the Bavarian Red Cross are overcome by the high level of willingness to donate. Matthias Freund, the regional Bavarian Red Cross manager, is delighted: “The remarkable number of donors speaks for itself. The HABA Family of Companies should be proud of the commitment of its employees, and the Bavarian Red Cross will be more than happy to return!”

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