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May 12, 2018

A shelter for Creepy-Crawlies

“I want to drill too!” Seven-year-old Noah is really enthusiastic, because today he’s building an insect hotel together with his sister Hannah and his friends. They are all members of the “Garden Gnomes” children’s group of the Fruit-growing and Gardening Association of Neundorf They are also little experts in gardening and conservation. They know how important insects are for our ecosystem.

Daniel Dohles, who works in furniture production for the HABA Family of Companies and is Noah’s and Hannah’s dad, put that knowledge to good use. He had the idea to build an insect hotel as a good deed and sought the help of professionals on how to do it. His wife Pia is chair of the Gardening Association and supervises the “Garden Gnomes.” She was immediately hooked on the idea.  “For a long time, the children have wanted a home for insects for their little garden, so that the insects can overwinter and in summer busily pollinate the fruit and vegetable plants that the children have set out,” she said.

“Every animal needs its own shelter”

For a couple of days beforehand, Daniel has been building the structure for the hotel that the children are setting up today. “Every animal needs its own shelter,” Daniel explains to them. So the children little by little are filling the individual rooms of the hotel with a wide variety of materials: straw, branches, bricks, pine cones, and flower pots are going into the boxes so that beetles, bees, and other insects can feel at home in them. But the children are having the most fun drilling holes in the tree slices. Parents and grandparents are helping out.

After three hours of work, the builders formally put up the hotel sign, on which their name is written in bright red letters: Garten Wichtel (“Garden Gnomes”). Now the children are curious which guests will move into the cozy hotel rooms.