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July 29, 2018

A home for mother and son

It’s only a small key that Loni Silverberg holds in her hands – but it opens so much more than just a door to a house in Auburn in the US state of New York. It’s the key to her new home. A home for her small family, for which the single mother of eleven-year-old Rodney fought for a long time. Loni has been through a difficult time that she doesn’t like to talk about. Her greatest wish was to give her son a roof over his head and therefore a place where he could grow up protected.

In need, she turned to the aid organization Habitat for Humanity, which sets out to help people in need worldwide by providing them with an affordable home and thus stability and independence. Loni first received a rejection and wanted to give up, but her second attempt worked out. She was admitted to the aid program.

A house was quickly found – but before it became a home, countless hours of renovation work were needed. Work that would not have been possible without many volunteers. Among them are 15 colleagues from HABA USA, many of whom live with their families in Auburn. They spent a whole day painting walls, laying floors, and planting a garden. “It’s nice to stand up for others who haven’t been so lucky in life,” says Christine. Her colleague Bryon Macrides adds: “All too often we forget how good we have it, how grateful we can be to have a roof over our heads and a place we can call home.” They are all enthusiastic about the team spirit and the good mood among the volunteers. Everyone gets involved and everyone sets about their work with incredible pleasure. “It’s great to be part of this community for a day,” Paul says, happily.

“All too often we forget how good we have it.”

At the end of July it is finally time. The house is ready to move into. Relatives, friends, neighbors, and helpers are there as Rodney ceremoniously cuts the ribbon and Loni unlocks the red door she has always wanted to her new home.

The colleagues from HABA USA have also come to help Loni and Rodney celebrate the beginning of their new phase of life. And because a home only becomes a home when it is filled with fun and laughter, the colleagues gave the family HABA games, of course, as moving in gifts. 

Habitat for Humanity

is an international non-profit organization founded in 1976 in the USA. Active in some 70 countries around the world, Habitat for Humanity is committed to the right to a roof over the head and has already helped more than 9.8 million people on their way to greater strength, stability, and independence through sustainable projects. Together with volunteers and local project beneficiaries, Habitat for Humanity builds and renovates houses and is active in disaster preparedness and sustainable reconstruction following natural disasters.

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