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September 14, 2018

A party for employees

A 30 x 100 meter tent is set up and beautifully decorated on the company premises in Bad Rodach. Outside an ox is roasting on a spit, inside candles are burning and 1,500 glasses filled with sparkling wine are waiting. Tonight we are celebrating – not the birthday of the HABA Family of Companies, but all its employees. Tonight is their gift. A gift from the owner family to say thank you.

When the folding doors of the tent open, the guests are personally welcomed on the red carpet by partners, managing directors, and general managers. Klaus Habermaass steps onto the stage with his two daughters and looks at the many people who all belong to the Family of Companies: “Today,” he says, “today we are focusing on those who have made this success story possible: on you, dear employees! Without you, we could not have achieved all this.”

“Without you, we could not have achieved all this!”

His daughters also welcome the assembled employees: “It’s great that so many of you have come,” says a delighted Heike Habermaass. “We have great people to be proud of! Thank you for making it possible for us to continue on the path we began together, even after 80 years.”

“Tonight is your night alone! Today, let’s put work aside,” Sabine Habermaass takes the floor. “Let’s take the opportunity to spend time together and meet people we otherwise meet far too rarely, because, with more than 2,000 colleagues, we have now become so many, or our everyday working lives take up all our time. Let’s enjoy the party!”

And so the evening becomes a glittering family party. The guests eat, sing, dance, and laugh. The party band “Barbed Wire” doesn’t let anyone sit still for long and plays until after midnight. Those who don’t hit the dance floor have a lively chat in the lounge or enjoy the delicacies at the buffet. Employees from all departments celebrate together. When it rains confetti at the end, everyone agrees: this evening will be remembered fondly for a long time to come.

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