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October 25, 2018

A place under the roses

“Here we sit, you and I, and how nice it is,” writes Astrid Lindgren in one of her books. This beautiful sentence may spring to many a walker’s mind next spring when strolling through the moat in Bad Rodach and sitting on the bench under an arch of roses. The two partners Sabine and Heike Habermaass planted this today. “We want people to spend a while here and hopefully enjoy a sea of fragrant flowers,” says Sabine Habermaass.

The moat, or “Wallgraben”, in Bad Rodach is a very special place. In 2013, a multi-generation park was built here on a space of 12,000 square meters, nestled against the Johanniskirche church and the town wall with its turrets. There’s something for every age: benches, garden swings, an active area with fitness equipment, a children’s playground, a barbecue station, and much more. The initiator and sponsor of the park was Klaus Habermaass, partner of the HABA Family of Companies and honorary citizen of the town. Cherishing this gem in their hometown is also a matter close to his children’s hearts.

“We want people to spend a while here.”

That’s why Sabine and Heike Habermaass are picking up the spades today. “Now in the fall is the best time to plant roses. Then they still have enough time to take root before the winter rest,” says Heike Habermaass, who has a large garden at home.

Mayor Tobias Ehrlicher also came to the event. While the two sisters dig the earth, he reaches for the watering can and waters the soil around the rose bushes – all under the watchful eyes of the staff of the building yard who are leading the planting initiative.

Once the work is done, it’s time to try sitting down. Tobias Ehrlicher is delighted: “A really wonderful idea for our moat, which was always intended to be a space for communication and getting together, and now has a place under the roses.”

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