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April 17, 2019

A soup and good conversations

Spoons clatter, at carefully set tables the generally older visitors chat, and it smells appetizingly of food: Anyone who comes to “dialog” on a Saturday afternoon, run by the Diakonie Coburg city office, not only looks forward to a delicious, good value soup and a free cup of coffee or tea. Visitors also appreciate the friendly atmosphere, nice chats with others at the table and the colorful mixture of gusts.

The volunteer organization team is today being supported by Susanne Rosenbauer, deputy manager of the HABA Photo Studio. For her personal contribution to the “80 good deeds” anniversary campaign of the HABA Family of Companies she helps with serving food, cleaning up and washing dishes. And a home-made carrot cake that she brings along serves as a “sweet encore”. She also brings a donation check for €500 from the HABA Family of Companies, which is presented to Stefan Kornherr, head of the Diakonie district office.

“I really liked the friendly atmosphere.”

This Saturday, the helpers serve semolina dumpling soup and liver dumpling soup to around 50 visitors. The food is cooked on a rotating basis by one of four butchers in the district. Bäckerei Heimann donates the bread. A meal costs one euro. “Those who can, give more. Towards the end of the month, when money gets tight for some people, it stays at one euro”, says Susanne Rosenbauer. And anyone who doesn’t even have one euro left over to pay for soup can still fill themselves up at “dialog”. Of course, these low prices mean that the proceeds don’t cover the cost of lunch. “We don’t want to exclude people who don’t have much money”, explains Stefan Kornherr, head of the Diakonie district office. The donation by the HABA Family of Companies will be used to balance the shortfall.

The Diakonie aims to bring people together and make sure they’re not lonely, no matter what their background is. There is also acceptance of a visitor who brings her own soup bowl: a disability means that she can’t eat from a normal soup bowl.

Apart from a warm meal and nice conversation, the shared meal in the city office also results in a useful tip or two. “People support each other”, explains Susanne Rosenbauer. For example, one guest who is looking for a free washing machine is thankful for a tip about a matching eBay ad.

“I really liked the friendly atmosphere”, says the HABA photographer, who plans on coming back to “dialog” in Coburg’s Metzgergasse sometime. “It’s good to be aware of how fortunate you are”, she says.

Diakonie Coburg invites guests every Saturday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm (apart from in the school holidays) to a social lunch in the city office.

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