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September 9, 2018

A very special day

A good deed for Andrea Mirzahossein, who works in the outlet of the HABA Family of Companies in Bad Rodach, means putting a happy smile on children’s faces. When the anniversary initiative “80 years. 80 good deeds” was launched, she immediately thought of her singing partner Jens Neugebauer. His son Nils was born nine years ago with Down syndrome. Together with his wife, Jens founded the self-help group “Parents Help Parents”, to provide mutual support and share experiences. Andrea wanted to do a good deed for them. “Children with Down syndrome aren’t sick, they’re something special,” she says. Together with her colleagues, Andrea thought about how to do something nice for them and their parents.

“Children with Down syndrome aren’t sick, they’re something special.”

And so they invite the families to a Sunday excursion to Tambach Wildlife Park, where they spend an eventful day. The children are wide-eyed as a large falcon lands on the keeper’s arm during the bird of prey show. They have a lot of fun playing and jumping on the giant trampoline. “It was so nice to see how the children always looked after each other,” says Andrea. Her daughter Rohja, who works in the Customer Service Center, also enjoyed seeing how friendly everyone was to each other. “The children played together very nicely.” They carefully feed the goats and wild boars, and pet the guinea pigs.

At some point everyone is very hungry and rushes enthusiastically to the abundant picnic, which leaves nothing to be desired and was prepared by the employees’ husbands. At the end there is even ice cream for the children. After a day full of adventures, the grateful families return home.

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