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April 17, 2019

And action!

It’s just before half past three when Louisa and her friends arrive, excited and nervous, at the Digital Workshop in Lippstadt. Louisa is celebrating her ninth birthday here. Her mother took part in the HABA Digital Workshop competition, and won a birthday party for her daughter as one of 80 good deeds by the HABA Family of Companies. Trainer Katarina greets the birthday party guests, and reveals what awaits the children over the next three hours. Today they will be directors, backdrop builders, storytellers and cinematographers. Their tools: tablet and app, the HABA Little Friends and an abundance of craft material. Louisa and her friends will use it all to film a stop-motion film. They will need to be inventive and imaginative. What happens in the film, who will act in it and what does the film set look like? In teams of two, the children develop their stories, and put their ideas down on a storyboard. “The children are so creative. I’m impressed; it’s a lot of fun!” says Trainer Katarina.

Justus, Lunis and Christoph want to stage a spectacular rocket ship adventure. The story by Johanna and Pia is all about a wild horse. Louisa, Marie and Hanna want to set their film on the island of Sylt, where their grandparents live. “We’ll send the film to grandma and grandpa. Then they’ll know that we’re coming to visit them again this year”. Louisa’s mother looks forward to the result.

“It was really cool!”

The children pay a lot of attention to detail when crafting their backdrops, carefully position their figures, and bring them to life with the help of the tablet and app. This is done by moving grandma, grandpa, the wild horse or the rocket a little bit at a time, and taking a picture of every new scene. These individual photos are turned into a film, similar to a flip book. The children take around ten pictures for every second of film.

Then it’s time for a cake break, but only a short one! The children’s enthusiasm for film-making is even greater than for the delicious muffins. Louisa and her friends want to get back to their backdrops, stories and protagonists as quickly as possible. After almost three hours, the teams put the finishing touches on their films, design the title or look for a fitting soundtrack. Then it’s time for the highlight, a combined film screening. All the works celebrate their premiere on the large screen in the Digital Workshop. “It was really cool!” says Louisa’s mother. “It was a really fun afternoon, and the children were really enthusiastic about it. Thank you!”

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