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July 10, 2018

App-solutely amazing day at Fox & Sheep

It’s Tuesday afternoon, July 10, 2018. The first week of the summer break has begun in Berlin and ten excited children between the ages of 6 and 10 arrive at the Fox & Sheep office. They’ve come for Children’s Day, to develop the app “Fox & Sheep Movie Maker” with the Fox & Sheep team and to look over the shoulders of Game Designers, Illustrators, and Developers at work.

The idea of contributing the Fox & Sheep Children’s Day to the 80th birthday of the HABA Family of Companies as a good deed came to the team from a very logical thought: “If we’re spending the whole day making apps for children, we also want to make apps with children sometimes! That’s why we invited them to today’s Children’s Day,” says Timo, Chief Product Officer at Fox & Sheep.

“Instead of apps for children, today we’re making apps with children!”

The “Movie Maker” app lets children become directors themselves and develop their own films. They can choose from a variety of backgrounds and characters and bring their stories to life. But how do the backgrounds get into the app in the first place? And how can the figures move on the screen? Which processes and work steps are involved? It is precisely these questions that are being answered today.

The first step is to illustrate the backgrounds and figures that will later be integrated into the app. Clara and Luci draw a fairytale forest with ink and wax crayons. Johannes and Maya cut stars, UFOs, aliens, and astronauts from foam rubber for their outer space landscape, while Zoe and Lara decorate the oven in their witch’s kitchen with sequins.

Heaps of creative pictures are made and are now scanned with the children’s help and sent to Felicitas, Art Director at Fox & Sheep. At Felicitas’ workstation the children see how a picture can be digitally reworked, retouched, or added to. Some of the children also take the mouse into their own hands and take their first steps into the world of image processing programs.

As a final step, Programmer Martin inserts the finished image file live into the app and the children are amazed. What was on paper in front of them just over an hour ago can now be seen in the app and selected worldwide as a background in the “Fox & Sheep Movie Maker” app. They are now official co-developers of the Fox & Sheep app and know how an app is created!

“It was really exciting!” says Clara, making her first film in which Maya’s UFO plays hide-and-seek with Florentine’s princess in Zoe and Lara’s witch’s kitchen.

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