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March 22, 2019

Apply properly and get started

In a very short time you need to say something smart, be personable and motivated, leave a good impression and, on top of all that, stand out – with this many requirements it can be very difficult to stay calm in an interview. “But don’t worry, everyone is nervous to start with”, the human resources employees reassure the young people who are here today for the application training.

The idea to hold a job application workshop as a good deed, in the anniversary year of the HABA Family of Companies, came from the human resources team, who wanted to share their expert knowledge: “We deal with applications every day, and know what’s really important. That’s why we invited the children and grandchildren of our colleagues today”, explains Jasmin Teschner.

On this afternoon, the colleagues use various stations to show what’s important in an application, which blunders you should definitely avoid in an interview, and also give some styling tips. In addition to this, the participants are also able to have the perfect resume photo taken.

“We want to share our knowledge.”

At the start, the colleagues introduce themselves and briefly explain the stations. Once everyone was divided up into groups, things could get going:

While one group discuss the absolute style no-gos in interviews, things are a little quieter at the station for the Luise Habermaass Children’s House. Sitting in a circle, the young people listen to Jana as she talks about her work as a preschool teacher. In the process, they learn that there’s much more to the job than “just” playing with children.

From the Children’s House station they go on to an interactive quiz. Smartphones are used to scan a QR code, which lead to a multiple choice quiz about applications.

For a change from the theoretical material, participants could try the cool HABA game “Rhino Hero – Super Battle”, and show off their skills. The game quickly attracts everyone, and together they throng around the wobbly tower.

And because application training can make you hungry, the afternoon finishes off with pizza for everyone.

“The workshop went well, and we were able to give lots of helpful tips”, says Petra Schmidt. For the 14 year-old Pia it was worthwhile coming today, because she’s decided one thing for sure: “I definitely want to do a placement at the Children’s House of the HABA Family of Companies!”

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