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May 19, 2018

Bright children’s eyes

A room full of balloons and HABA games – what child wouldn’t dream about it? The approximately 30 preschoolers from Zhongshan are quite astonished when they visit the HABA China branch office in their immediate neighborhood. The colleagues there have transformed their office into a true game paradise.

So that the kids can also see how the games end up in the packaging, there was an exciting tour through the building right at the start: across the materials warehouse and past the sample sewing department to the packaging center.

And then it was time: “Ready for the games, get set, go!”

“Games bring us together time and again”

“We’ve been preparing for this day for a long time,” says Yan, who, like her colleagues, has been spending many free minutes in recent days in order to master the game rules perfectly and be able to explain them to the children. She helps divide the children into groups. All told, there are six different play stations. The little ones sit with big eyes and ears perked up in front of the games and are excited about what awaits them.

While it’s very calm and quiet in one group so that one can hear the delicate tinkling of the bells in the game “Quiet as a Mouse,” in another group there is loud bargaining. After all, “Lady Richmond” is about the sought-after inheritance. Here, it can easily get rather loud.

The colleagues take a lot of time until each child has understood the rules of “Karuba” and “Iquazu.” Not so easy with so much input. When there’s a problem somewhere, a colleague is immediately on the spot to help out. Which move is cleverest? How do you collect more points than the others? How does a play figure advance the fastest? The HABA China colleagues are meanwhile well-versed and stand ready with advice and assistance.

Every now and then, things are switched around, so that every child gets to try all the games once. Favorite games are found quickly. Five-year-old Dora can’t be separated from the game “Magic Feathers.” “I like the feathers so much. They are colorful and tickle on my hand,” she reveals as the reason for her favorite. “The Little Ghost,” on the other hand, really appealed to the youngest children, and they could keep playing it all day. Dice, cards, and play figures are set aside for a little while and replaced by a large colorful cake.

Then at the end of the afternoon, the children, to their great delight, could take a package of games back with them to their preschool. In addition, a little surprise is waiting for each child: The colorful little packages are presented to the children by Cavan Ke, the head of the branch office. In each box is a vehicle from the Kullerbü series that they may take home with them. There is a loud and heartfelt “Xie xie!” (“Thank you!”) from the children.

Colleague Bessy finds the right words at the end of the day: “Games bring us together time and again, because everyone has fun playing them. We hope that we were able to delight the children with the games.” Given the bright eyes of the children in the preschool group as they left the branch office in the afternoon, there can be no doubt about it!