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25. July 2018

Colorful gifts for young and old

A big package in colorful wrapping paper, the excitement before unwrapping, and the joy when you finally see what’s in the package: we all associate these moments primarily with Christmas in the middle of winter or our birthday once a year. Someone giving others huge gifts on their own birthday doesn’t usually happen! 

But Wehrfritz did precisely this and gave the gift of joy 80 times to mark its 80th birthday. By doing this, the company wants to say “thank you!” to its customers for their many years of loyalty, suggestions, praise, and even criticism. A wide variety of social facilities therefore had the chance to apply in advance for the big Wehrfritz gift initiative. Preschools, schools, child minders, therapy facilities, daycare facilities, retirement homes, day clinics, and support centers: more than 1,100 institutions from Flensburg to Starnberg responded to the call and registered. Then all they had to do was wait and keep their fingers crossed!

On July 24, the International Day of Joy, the time has come: the draw takes place at Wehrfritz and the wrapping of the gift packages begins. The 80 facilities are all to receive a package compiled exclusively for them and will be surprised with unique, practical, and creative products. 78 large packages are sent by post; the two facilities closest to the company headquarters in Bad Rodach are even to be surprised in person!

“Wow, what a large package!”

Corina Trier, who has been working for Wehrfritz for many years, sets off to present the gifts. Her destination is the preschool “Haus der kleinen Leute” (House of the Little People) in Großwalbur. Preschool teacher Ramona Hoffmann and the children are thrilled. “Wow, what a large package!” Corina hears. Everyone helps, the colorful wrapping paper quickly disappears, and the children discover the many wonderful surprises. Ramona is impressed: “Great, we really needed a large parachute game for all the children to play together!” And every child gets a colorful party horn, which they blow vigorously – that’s what you do on birthdays, after all.

Many smiling faces are also seen at the second facility presented with a gift that day. In the Ernst-Faber-Haus, a retirement home with a nursing ward, the gifts aren’t unwrapped quite so boisterously, but nevertheless everyone wants to try out the gifts right away. Home Director Matthias Ernst, caregivers, and residents are happy about the spiky balls, bright rings, and touch-and-feel sacks to promote coordination and much more.

 The 78 other facilities in Germany are equally happy. So Wehrfritz really honored the International Day of Joy and showed how best to celebrate it. After all, shared joy is twice the joy!

You can find all 80 facilities that received a large gift package here:

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