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April 18, 2019

Crochet Easter surprise

It’s Maundy Thursday. Everyone at the Kinderhaus Luise Habermaass is off on an Easter walk. The children and preschool teachers walk to the viewing platform opposite the Schweighof estate in Bad Rodach.

Once they arrive there it’s time for a delicious breakfast. Picnic blankets are spread out, and fresh fruit and croissants are served up. Once breakfast is over, the morning singing is a daily ritual – and this tradition is kept up today on the short hiking excursion. A song that can’t be missed out on this occasion is “Stups, der kleine Osterhase” (Stups, the Little Easter Bunny) by Rolf Zuckowski. The children know it off by heart.

“Oh, and by the way, the Easter Bunny sent us a visitor today”, announces preschool teacher Jana, and introduces Maria Schreier, a homeworker for the HABA Family of Companies.

“There’s nothing nicer than seeing children’s eyes sparkling.”

“Ms Schreier helps the Easter Bunny, and is here today because she has a surprise for you”, explains Jana. As soon as they hear the word “surprise”, the children prick up their ears, and Jana has their undivided attention. “Go and see whether you can find what the Easter Bunny and Maria hid for you.” Jana hardly manages to finish her sentence before the children race off to look for what the Easter Bunny has hidden.

And it didn’t take long for them to find something in the tall grass and behind the tree trunks: “The Easter Bunny hid little ducklings for us!” call the children excitedly. Homeworker Maria started crocheting the little ducklings for the Easter surprise last year. “It was important to me to make the little ones happy. The surprise was worth the effort; there’s nothing nicer than seeing children’s eyes sparkling.”

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