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December 03, 2018

Donate instead of giving gifts

In its anniversary year, which is all about good deeds, the HABA Family of Companies decided to invest less in Christmas gifts and instead donate to a social cause.

The two partners Sabine and Heike Habermaass have therefore handed over a donation check for 3,000 euros to the Kinderschutzbund (Child Protection Association) in Coburg. “As a family company based in Bad Rodach, we have deep roots here in the region,” says Heike Habermaass. “That’s why it was important to us that our donation stays in our home region so that we can provide direct help locally.”

The Kinderschutzbund in Coburg sets out to promote a child- and family-friendly region. Children and parents can take advantage of numerous services that make their everyday lives easier and better. These tasks are carried out both by specialists and by volunteers. Whether it’s fighting child poverty and violence, or for children’s rights, non-violent upbringing, or better living conditions – the Kinderschutzbund Coburg provides families in the town and district with advice and support. “The desire for equal opportunities and a good life for all children is the central driving force behind our work,” says Bettina Dörfling, first chairwoman of the Kinderschutzbund in Coburg.

“It’s important to us that our donation stays in our home region so that we can provide direct help locally.”

But in its work, the charitable association is very dependent on donations. “The more people who support us, the more successfully we can lobby on behalf of children,” explains Managing Director Iris Piper. “We are therefore grateful to the HABA Family of Companies for its generous support,” she said, delighted with the donation as well as with a surprise package of games and books from HABA.

“We and the Kinderschutzbund are a good match,” says Sabine Habermaass. “The HABA Family of Companies has been committed to promoting the development of children and strengthening families for more than 80 years now. This is firmly anchored in our corporate DNA.”

On behalf of the HABA Family of Companies, Sabine and Heike Habermaass wish the Kinderschutzbund Coburg continued success, energy, and joy in its crucial work.

The Deutsche Kinderschutzbund (DKSB – German Child Protection Association)

is a nationally organized association of volunteers. It has set itself the goal of promoting the physical, mental, spiritual, and social development of children and standing up for a child-friendly society.

The Kinderschutzbund Coburg

was founded in 1964 as the first Bavarian local association of the Deutsche Kinderschutzbund. As a district association, it has been the point of contact for children, young people, and families in the town and district of Coburg for decades. It is a non-profit, registered association and recognized provider of independent youth welfare services. The Kinderschutzbund Coburg finances its work through contributions, donations, fines, and project funding.

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