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May 3, 2018

Every Kilometer Counts

It was a perfect spring day when 17 colleagues from the HABA subsidiary in France set out from Égly to Paris – with the objective of doing something good. It was clear to the colleagues: “We absolutely wanted to take part in the anniversary campaign of the family of companies,” said Mireille Clocheau, manager of HABA France.

Together with her team, she submitted the idea of participating in the “No Finish Line” charity run, an event that takes place annually in Paris. “It’s a ‘continuous run,’” she explained. On a total of five days, participants can do any number of laps during each 24 hours. For each kilometer run, one euro will be donated to sick or socially disadvantaged children. “Our colleague Betty has been taking part in this run for years; it was her proposal. And as a team, we could of course manage a few more kilometers!” Mireille said.

“We all became seized by ambition.”

So it happened that on a sunny Friday in May, the colleagues slipped on self-printed Good Deed t-shirts and laced on their running shoes. Three colleagues who actually had the day off even joined in. “We all became seized by ambition. Our colleague Tania ran the distance of 1.3 kilometers ten times one after the other – she couldn’t stop,” laughed Mireille. At some point, when the feet started hurting, the group, exhausted but happy, settled down to a picnic at the Eiffel tower.

“Since the run still lasted until Sunday, some of our colleagues even came back to Paris to continue to run, because every kilometer counts,” reported Mireille. The HABA France team covered a total of around 190 kilometers. 500 euros for children in need could be contributed, including participation fee and rounding up the donation total! “That felt great, and that definitely won’t be the last time we take part!” Mireille is convinced.