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April 17, 2019

Exhibition site instead of building site

Turning the circumstances to one’s own advantage – that’s what Maik Leipold and his friend Christina decided to do as they stood in front of the primary school in Eisfeld and looked at the building site. Their relative’s children go to school here. But the school is currently being renovated. Containers are serving as classrooms until the renovation works are completed. “Students have become accustomed to lessons in the temporary classrooms, but the view of the building site fence from the container windows looks pretty bleak”, thinks Maik, who manages the HABA Family of Companies training workshop. It was clear to him that he wanted to do a good deed here. To complete it he not only brings Principal Simone Greiner-Petter-Memm and the teaching staff on board, but also all his trainees. Together they want to transform the bleak building site fence into a brightly colored attention-grabber.

In preparation for the art project, Maik and his trainees cut and mill plywood boards into a variety of wooden motifs such as numbers, letters and geometric shapes. Once the wooden motifs were complete, the children could let their creativity run wild and get going with painting and designing.

“This initiative will be remembered for a long time”

Then the big day comes. The art is attached to the fence. Everyone comes to the schoolyard together, to hang the artwork in a joint action, and turn the building site into an exhibition site. “Now it’s a sort of open air art exhibition”, comments Maik. The kids are impressed, and have a lot of fun. “The opportunity to be an active part of the face-lift is an absolute bonus for the children. This initiative will be remembered for a long time”, says the principal confidently. Especially because the artworks will be moved into the new building once construction has been completed. A really lasting memory!

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