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November 30, 2018

Experiencing vegtables

Children are increasingly losing touch with nature and no longer know where food comes from or how it is grown. How can we give the little ones an awareness of this? With support from the GemüseAckerdemie (Vegetable Agricultural Academy)! “The decision for a partnership was made quickly, because we wanted to do good as part of ‘80 years. 80 good deeds.’ and gladly supported a common project. The contact has existed for some time because learning about health is very important to us,” says Meike Wittmann, Deputy Managing Director of Wehrfritz.

Together, they came up with the idea of giving away three vegetable sponsorships. The practice-focused educational program was so popular that the sponsorships had to be drawn by lot. Three institutions from Würzburg, Wiesbaden, and Haselbach are now officially “AckerKitas” (agricultural daycare centers). They look forward to bringing children closer to the topics of nature and healthy nutrition and to broadening their horizons. Whether as part of a project, the educational orientation, or through play: children will discover the world of vegetables with all their senses.

“Learning about health is very important to us.”

Jan Hindrichs, Fundraising & Network, knows what makes the association’s educational program so special: “Children have the unique opportunity to grow their own vegetables and learn where food comes from. They also acquire new knowledge and a positive attitude towards it. We provide extensive support to the daycare centers and assist them through training, visits, seeds, young plants, and educational material.”

He also has a quick answer to the question of how to turn children who don’t like vegetables into fans: “The most effective way to bring children closer to nature in a playful and inspiring way is to get them active themselves. That’s why we should try to get the GemüseAckerdemie into as many daycare centers as possible.”

You can read about the 3 institutions here:

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