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August 4, 2018

Fired up

Not many of us volunteer and risk our own safety for the good of others. If motivated young people energetically dedicate themselves to the community and are involved in a volunteer fire department, then this should be acknowledged and rewarded, believes Robert Oeckler, team leader in Order Picking.

He himself has been active in the Bad Rodach volunteer fire department for many years and knows that besides a lot of fun and camaraderie, helping in emergencies is what counts. Together with his colleagues Doris Weinhold and Kristin Nettbohl, he is giving the youth fire departments from the Bad Rodach district a special – and above all delicious – treat as part of the 22nd good deed.

“Many thanks to the HABA Family of Companies for the fantastic food!”

On “Berufsfeuerwehrtag” (Professional Fire Department Day), which takes place once a year, youth fire departments put themselves in the position of a professional fire department for 24 hours. On this Saturday, August 4, 30 boys and girls gathered at the fire station in Bad Rodach to take part in Professional Fire Department Day. Their supervisors are also present. They have planned and organized the day and will assist with the upcoming simulated challenges. All the young people receive technical instruction, are called out to practice emergencies, search for missing persons, and provide first aid at the “scene of the accident”.

It’s a day that makes people hungry! That’s why Robert, Kristin, and Doris are standing in front of the fire station at noon on Saturday, providing the young people with a tasty snack: they have prepared salads, organized a big BBQ, and brought sausages and steaks.

The boys and girls are delighted and they tuck in. “Many thanks to the HABA Family of Companies for the fantastic food!” is posted immediately afterwards on the volunteer fire department’s Facebook page. Freshly fortified, everyone gets back to work to pursue the work of a professional fire department with a lot of fun and commitment.

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