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March 8, 2019

Food for people in need

What happens today in France is an expression of solidarity: more than 72,000 volunteer helpers visit supermarkets all across the country, to collect food donations for the association “Les Restos du Cœur” (Restaurants of Love). Amongst them are Patricia Bouffeny and her colleagues from the HABA subsidiary in France, who all do a good deed with their volunteer work today.

The colleagues split up. While some of them wear pink vests and stand in the entrance of the supermarket with flyers to encourage customers to do a good deed by purchasing food and toiletries for people in need, others wait at the checkouts to gratefully accept the donations.

“A heartfelt campaign for the Restaurants of Love.”

The initiative, which was initially founded by the actor and comedian Coluche, is now well known even beyond the country’s borders. Its activities have long not been limited to the collection and distribution of free meals. The volunteer helpers also organize emergency accommodation, help with job hunting and much more.

With the non-profit association’s annual collection campaign coming up, it was clear to the colleagues from the HABA subsidiary in France that they would take part. “It was important to us to contribute to this admirable association. It’s a heartfelt campaign for the Restaurants of Love”, explains Patricia.

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