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September 21, 2018

Habermaass finest apples

1,180 bottles of apple juice – this takes a lot of apples. 1,485 kilograms, to be precise, were collected by a colorful team from the HABA Sales and Engineering departments. The trees that were emptied for this purpose belong to the Habermaass family and have borne plenty of fruit despite the dry summer. So much in fact that some apples fell to the ground early in September and the good deed had to be brought forward ahead of schedule.

So the organizers spontaneously round up a few helpers and set off armed with ladders, fruit grabbers, and lots of crates to the Habermaass fruit trees. Many hands, quick work: after three hours a whole van is fully loaded with apples. “With a lot of teamwork, everything went well in the end,” says Bettina Scheler.

By the way, the group picked up the rotten apples from the ground and removed them to prevent wasps from gathering near Luise Habermaass children’s home.

“With a lot of teamwork, everything went well.”

But the job isn’t finished yet: the many apples are to become delicious juice for the preschool children in Rodach and the staff of the HABA Family of Companies. So the employees bring the apples to the fruit juice press Möbus, known to many under the brand “Rodacher Flüssiges Obst”. With this huge quantity, the regional distillery allows the Habermaass apples to be pressed separately. The 1,180 bottles even get their own label especially designed for the initiative, which are stuck on by Peter Kristek and his team.

So this September, colleagues from Production and Logistics can look forward to delicious, natural apple juice. With this “thank you” initiative, the Engineering department and HABA Sales would like to express their appreciation for the work done during the hot summer months. The Arche Noah and Marienkäfer preschools, and Luise Habermaass children’s home are also delighted to receive juice from the apples of their home town. As a little extra something, the children are also given handy water bottles from the JAKO-O range.

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