From zero to 80 in 365 days:

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May 27, 2018

Happy Day

Now just stuff Krümel the doll into the suitcase trolley and close the zipper – done! Ten-year-old Kay is beaming. But wait. Krümel’s pacifier is still on the ground. Lennox (9) quickly sticks it into the suitcase. Then both boys can have their game pass stamped. Nine other stamps will be added, so that both boys will have honestly earned their gift at the end of the HABA birthday play street and even tackle a second round.

While the many other children have come to the games event at the game stations with mom and dad or grandma and grandpa, Kay, Lennox, Nicole, Nelly, Angelique and Patricia drove to Bad Rodach with their teacher Petra Storandt and intern Henriette Schreyer. Their home is the children’s home in Marisfeld in the neighboring district of Hildburghausen. As one of the 80 good deeds during the HABA anniversary year, Sandra Schilling and her colleagues from HABA Purchasing have invited the children to spend a fantastic day here with a lots of games and lots of fun.

The three older children, Nicole (16), Nelly (12), and Angelique (12) first go their own ways and explore the long game street with its 58 stations. Only after lunch do they feel the ambition to fill their game pass. They carve and play and finally storm the impressive giant slide, which they find “totally awesome”. In the afternoon, they dare go to the robot competition, where Nicole and Nelly skillfully steer their little vehicle over the course using a tablet. Kay and Lennox have already romped around and have eagerly picked up stamps at all of the digital stations.

“Today the children can spend an eventful day and see something different than they would otherwise in their everyday lives”

Six-year-old Patricia, the youngest in the group and also in the children’s home, sets out with Sandra and Henriette. Quickly she makes it clear: She wants action and exercise. She’s not the least interested in sitting still, crafting, or playing games at a table. The giant slide makes her eyes light up. Determined, she then heads for the slackline, where she proves her skill at balancing. Later, however, she enjoys quieter activities: putting puzzles together, packing a suitcase, or making a threading flower. She wants to give it to her grandma, the only relative that she as orphan still has.

“We connected with the children’s home through a private contact. Today the children can spend an eventful day and see something different than they would otherwise in their everyday lives,” Sandra says. At the conclusion of their visit to Bad Rodach, the children from the Marisfeld children’s home won’t just take home the reward for their filled out game passes. They’re also looking forward to eight big HABA games, which will provide more playing fun in the children’s home in the days ahead.