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December 20, 2018

Heartfelt wishes on the Christmas tree

Christmas is a family celebration and there is nothing better than seeing the sparkling eyes of children, filled with joy, unwrapping their gifts at Christmas. However, having a Christmas tree with gifts beneath it is not a given, and there are many families who are unable to fulfil their children’s wishes. This is why the “Bündnis für Demokratie und Weltoffenheit Kloster Veßra und Talisa e.V. Hildburghausen” (Alliance for Democracy and Cosmopolitanism Monastery Vessra and Talisa e.V. Hildburghausen) have founded the Tagamari Christmas Wish.

How does the action work? Socially vulnerable families from the region could write down their wishes. These were then hung in the form of wish cards on two wishing trees in Themar and Hildburghausen, ready to be collected. “There was so much support from the local people that after just two days there were hardly any wishes left on the trees to be taken, and we had to order more”, says Katrin Schneider from Talisa e.V..

Wanting to do something good for children and families and give them a Merry Christmas –  this is part of the HABA Family of Companies’ philosophy. So straight away, it was clear to Anja Morgenroth from the FamilyOutlet that, together with her team, she wanted to support this campaign.

This is how the idea was born to set up a tree in the FamilyOutlet, to make tree decorations in return for a voluntary donation and to decorate the Christmas tree with them. The proceeds of the campaign will be donated to the Christmas party on December 22 , when the families will receive their gifts.

“There should be more people doing this, and we were very happy to support it.”

Bad Rodach’s mayor Tobias Ehrlicher also actively supported the kick-off on December 1st and lent a hand himself in the FamilyOutlet. On December 20, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree created the backdrop for a joint souvenir photo with the representatives of the Alliance, Talisa e.V. and the Outlet.

Prior to this, Anja Morgenroth had handed over the cheque for 300 euros, and everyone was in tears. “There should be more people doing this, and we were very happy to support the action because it’s not something that can be taken for granted.”

Christa Mauersberger from the Alliance for Democracy and Open-mindedness and Katrin Schneider are also very emotional. “We would like to thank the HABA Family of Companies from the bottom of our hearts, and we are still completely over the moon about this support.” There’s one thing they all look forward to seeing together – the children’s sparkling eyes.

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