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April 04, 2019

Helping with art

“The wooden door of the old brewery yard still exists”, says Klaus Habermaass pointing to a photo of the original company building of the HABA Family of Companies. The photo is part of a collage that Bettina Mautner created for the 80th anniversary of the company. She has been working as a communications designer at HABA for almost 19 years, and also works as a freelance artist. “I’ve been part of the family of companies for so many years. I wanted to use my artwork to say thank you for the great time I’ve had, and make my contribution to the year of good deeds”, says Bettina.

Her two passions come together in the collage: “Art and design are very close together, but at the same time worlds apart. With this artwork I took the opportunity to bring them together”, says Bettina, describing her approach and explaining her work: “The image covers both tradition and modernity. It takes viewers on a journey into the past, and also lets us look together toward the future of the family-owned company.”

What’s special: Bettina put the collage together digitally, and then had it printed on wood. “Wood is the raw material that everything started with 80 years ago, which still plays an essential role in the HABA Family of Companies”, explains the artist.

The unique artwork was purchased for 1,000 Euros by the shareholders – who bought it for a good cause. Bettina donated the money to the children and youth psychosomatic station at the Sozialstiftung Bamberg. The station takes children and youth who are suffering from both physical and psychological diseases.

“This was a real gift!”

Accepting the donation today are Sabine Brückner-Zahneisen, sponsor and donor liaison, and Dr. med. Daniela Scharpenack, head of the children and youth psychosomatic station, who have come from Bamberg to Bad Rodach. They tell us about the “Kolibri” (hummingbird) station. “It’s still a relatively new station. It was only founded in 2017”, says Dr. med. Daniela Scharpenack, who set up the children and youth psychosomatic station. “Professionally I’ve always wanted to work on something that I set up myself”, she says.

There are currently ten children and youth being looked after by a multidisciplinary team of specialist and assistant doctors, psychologists, educators, nursing staff, preschool teachers, ergo, music and art therapists, dietitians and teachers. The young patients stay on average 50 days, in which they live together at the station like a family.

A corresponding emphasis is placed by Dr. med. Daniela Scharpenack on a welcoming atmosphere, which doesn’t feel like a hospital. In January they moved into new premises. It’s very comfortable, but there’s something important missing. “The walls are still empty”, says the doctor regretfully. This means that the donation comes at the perfect time. “I could hardly believe it when I got the call about the donation”, says Sabine Brückner-Zahneisen. “It was a real gift! We’ll invest the money in the long awaited wall murals.” The motif has already been decided: Balloons. They have a symbolic character and special meaning for Dr. med. Daniela Scharpenack and her work with the children and youth: “Throwing off your burdens and flying away to freedom.”

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