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September 21, 2018

Herbs for children

What is missing in a school where a “healthy breakfast” is organized twice a year, where students make preserves themselves and the subject of “social affairs” is on the timetable? Colleagues Matthias Löhnert, Tanja Krämer, Susanne Siegfried and Petra Engelhardt are all in agreement on this question: a bed of herbs! The staff of the HABA family of companies is concerned about children’s healthy eating, and after a discussion with the headmistress, the planning phase is already underway. Aggregate and screed, stones and glue are all delivered, and the kick-off takes place on a Saturday morning in September.

Susanne believes that the school’s inner courtyard is the perfect place for the herb bed, and she is delighted that the idea is being put into practice. Before the children can grow the herbs themselves, first of all a hole must be dug. Then it is filled with concrete and a frame for the bed is put in place. The first day of work is already done.

The following week, the employees meet again and under the watchful gaze of the pupils, the raised bed is laid, glued, edged with hedges and finally filled with soil.

“Unfortunately, it is no longer a given that school-age children are able to recognize and name vegetables and fruit.”

In the coming year, the children will be planting up the plants themselves. For the staff of the HABA family of companies, a healthy diet and the children’ taking responsibility for their “own” plants are very important issues. “These days, it no longer goes without saying that school-age children are able to recognize varieties of fruit and vegetables,” Susanne says. The first step has been taken with the herb bed, and who knows? Maybe it’s will provide the incentive to create a real school garden.

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