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July 31, 2018

Ice cream for everyone!

“One strawberry and lemon in a cone, please!”, a woman in a summer dress places her order. A line has formed behind her. Employees of the HABA Family of Companies are waiting their turn. Because today, the hottest day of the year so far, there’s ice cream for everyone. In the ongoing heat wave that has gripped Germany for weeks, the family business is treating its workforce to a cool down.

And everyone is happy to accept the invitation to ice cream! So Nicole Kunzelmann has a lot to do in her little ice cream truck. Scoop after scoop of her homemade farm ice cream make it into cups and cones. She has been making ice cream from her own milk and cream on her organic farm for eleven years. Delicious! The classics vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry are in especially high demand. “But,” says Nicole, “lemon is particularly popular in this heat.”

“One strawberry and lemon in a cone, please!”

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