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April 04, 2019

Wheelie bags for little patients

80 children, who are being treated for cancer at the Olgahospital in Klinikum Stuttgart, are happy to receive 80 wheelie bags that JAKO-O donated as a good deed as part of the anniversary campaign of the HABA Family of Companies. The critically ill boys and girls just needed to put their note in the box at the oncological station, and a short time later JAKO-O sent them their wheelie bag – in the color of their choice and embroidered with their name. A little thing that will help make their stay in hospital a bit more comfortable. “The wheelie bags are very practical for children who need to come regularly over many months for chemotherapy, as inpatients or outpatients. Plus the kids think they’re really cool”, say Psychologist Kim Schouten and Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Stefan Bielack from the Stuttgart Children’s Cancer Ward.

“Thank you very much for the cool wheelie bag”, writes the mother of a 6-year old patient. “Our daughter was really happy when the big box arrived at our house. She always enjoys packing her bag. Even her doll’s clothes, which always need to come along, have their own compartment”.

“Our daughter was really happy.”

From their cooperation with the oncological station at the Heidelberg University Children’s Clinic, JAKO-O already knew that the donation would be well-received. Since 2014, JAKO-O has donated more than 100 of the practical wheelie bags to young patients – with consistently positive reactions.

For example Jeannette from Central Swabia, whose daughter was critically ill, writes: “Over the period of one year we were often in hospital. Even when we were at home in between times and my daughter got a fever we needed to go to hospital immediately, sometimes in the middle of the night. Because this happened quite regularly, we stopped unpacking the wheelie bag at home. The freshly washed clothes simply got put back into it. When we were in hospital, the contents of the trolley didn’t get put into the cupboards either. It wasn’t necessary because the trolley is so clearly arranged and functional. That’s why I think it’s a wonderful idea to donate the trolleys to children who are suffering from cancer.”

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