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December 18, 2018

Knitting for premature babies

Every year, more than 66,000 children are born prematurely – and that is just in Germany alone. Babies born before the 37th week of pregnancy are considered to be premature and they usually require special medical care. In recent years, thanks to well-developed neonatal intensive care medicine, their chances of survival have increased significantly. Now, even children born weighing under 1000 grams, now have a survival rate of over 80 percent. Nevertheless, for new parents, a premature birth means a lot of worry and long hours spent in the hospital. There’s one issue that may seem insignificant, but nonetheless is still urgent – the clothes bought for the newborn baby are way too big. Usually the hospitals try to help out by providing the parents in the premature infant ward with suitable clothing, but often the stock of tiny garments is not adequate.

“Many parents will be very happy!”

That’s why nine colleagues from the HABA family of companies sat with each other and knitted together, at home as well, making a whole load of baby clothing designed especially for premature babies. “Even though the babies’ feet are small, it still takes about three hours to make a pair of socks,” they explain. But the women liked spending this time with each other. The result was a pair of gloves, 15 baby bonnets and 38 pairs of socks. Everything went to the children’s clinic in Bamberg, where the staff were very pleased to receive the gift. “We would like to thank you very much. Many of the parents will be very pleased with the clothing!”

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