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April 24, 2019

Learning in the outdoors

At the moment everyone is talking about flowering meadows. Partly because of the recent petition for a referendum on biodiversity titled “Rettet die Bienen” (Save the Bees). The primary and secondary school in Bad Rodach is also actively involved in conservation and, together with the Bad Rodach Council, created a wild flower meadow that can be used for teaching purposes.

Matthias Löhnert, who works in quality management at the HABA Family of Companies, and is also a member of the parents council at the school, decided to have a glass information panel made and set up, so that anyone walking past can find out what’s growing here. “This way people have an unobstructed view of the meadow, and at the same time can read the information”, explains Matthias.

“My colleagues’ helpfulness is simply indescribable”

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To implement his idea, he first asked for the assistance of communication designer Tabea Siegling. She illustrated the school’s text suggestions. Colleagues from other departments also offered to help: Colleagues from Construction milled the posts on which the printed glass panel will be mounted. “The fast and smooth cooperation meant that the information panel was planned and implemented in a really short period of time. “My colleagues’ helpfulness is simply indescribable”, says Matthias thankfully.

He’s happy with the result. The information panel provides information to curious passersby about the plants in every season, which animals live in which layer of the meadow, and how this type of meadow can be protected.

At the moment the meadow is bright yellow thanks to the many flowering dandelions, and soon it will hopefully transform into a colorful sea of flowers with bellflowers, poppies, yarrow and many other species. The panel explains what’s growing here.

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