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October 29, 2018

Little builders

“And what are we doing with them?” the children of the “Werraspatzen” day care center in Hildburghausen look questioningly at the collection of huge Lego bricks, pipes, bottles, funnels, and hoses “We’re going to build a fantastic water park,” reveals Christian Fuchs, who has worked for Wehrfritz since 2016.

The idea to build something with Werraspatzen came from his mother. She is a childcare worker in the day care center and has long been talking about wanting to make the sand playground in the garden nicer. Before now there were not any real play facilities for the children, which meant that the playground remained mostly unused. “A huge pity,” she and her colleagues thought. 

Together with Christian, they developed the plan for the water park. “We wanted a kind of adventure playground. We want the kids to move, be creative, experiment, and further develop their spatial understanding,” explains Christian.

“I really liked it because we could build something real for once!”

And so he arrived this afternoon with all sorts of building materials. At first he doesn’t give the children any building instructions, but encourages them to simply get started and try things out. The initial uncertainty quickly vanishes and the little ones begin to stack the building blocks and insert pipes into each other. They quickly get the hang of it and are completely absorbed in their building project. The joy when they tip water into one of the pipes and watch where it comes out again is immense. And because in the fall it will soon be too cold to play with water, Christian shows the children how the waterway also works with acorns and chestnuts.

On a trellis, a colorful wall of water made of bottles, hoses, and funnels is created. Five-year-old Leon is enthusiastic about the joint project: “I really liked it because we could build something real for once!” His friend nods in excitement: “Yes, and we all worked together!”

Christian is delighted to see the children’s dirty hands and bright eyes: “I saw nothing but amazed faces, the kids had a lot of fun experimenting and didn’t want to stop.” We hope they will enjoy their building work for a long time to come.

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