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June 29, 2018

Little journalists in action

Primary school is a very special time, which is unfortunately forgotten far too quickly. That’s also what Janosch, a 10-year-old fourth-grader at Streufdorf primary school, thought. Four great years with his classmates and friends were coming to an end. So class representative Janosch wanted to create a very special memory for his classmates and himself, and told his dad about his great idea around the breakfast table: a school newspaper by the school pupils for the school pupils to record the past four years.

Daniel Eppler, father of Janosch and team leader in the Embossing department of the HABA Family of Companies, thinks the idea is great. But he also knows how much effort such a project will take. It is not only the content and layout of the school newspaper, but also the printing, cutting, and binding: all this takes time and costs money. Nevertheless, he supports his son in this endeavor.

Janosch’s classmates are just as enthusiastic about the plan and soon set up a newspaper company that meets regularly in the last few months of the school year. They get busy planning, writing, and drawing. The children really throw themselves into the project and grow even closer together as a group. Daniel, class teacher Ms Witter, and parent Kristin Scheler are actively at their side.

“Look what I drew!”

As part of the 80 good deeds initiative, the HABA Family of Companies is also helping out and supporting the fantastic project, not just financially but also with expertise and manpower. Nikolas Brehm, who has been a Media Design apprentice at the company since 2016, is also taking part in the “school newspaper team” project and is in charge of graphic implementation of the content.

The result of the joint work is definitely something to be proud of! On June 29, 2018, the fourth graders’ last day of school, the time has finally come: Daniel and Nikolas visit the class immediately after certificates are handed out and present the children with their own school newspaper. It is met with huge enthusiasm and the students and teachers quickly become engrossed in reading.

The short portraits of the classmates are well received, the jokes and cheeky sayings make people laugh, and the readers immediately set about trying to solve the crossword puzzle. “Look, I drew this!”, “I made the text rhyme all by myself!” the children call out in excitement.

Everyone is delighted with the terrific result. Daniel is happy he could help to fulfill his son’s wish: “I would not have thought it possible for the children to turn the initial idea into such a great project. We would all like to say a big thank you to the HABA Family of Companies!”

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