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December 06, 2018

Make a wish!

It’s flying away. Sophia’s big eyes follow her balloon as it floats away – a red dot in the grey winter sky. A little tag attached to the balloon’s string flutters in the wind. On the tag is Sophia’s personal wish for the person who finds the balloon, wherever that might be. Sophia’s mom helped her with writing the friendly greeting. “It’s fantastic that you have found my balloon! For Christmas, I wish you an awesome store full of toys.” And her fluffy friend Bello is also allowed to release a balloon. Sophia knows exactly what Bello wishes for the person who finds it. A whole bag of dog treats.

“It’s fantastic that you have found my balloon! I wish you…!”

Today on St. Nicholas Day, the HABA Family of Companies visits the “albertiny” children’s Christmas Market in Coburg, and together with the children, releases plenty of warm wishes into the sky. Greeting cards are carefully written out and tied onto the balloons. Children don’t need long to think about what they wish for others. Happy Holidays, a pretty Christmas tree, a string of lights shining brightly, or delicious Christmas treats, and anyone who can’t write yet just draws a picture, like hearts, gifts, smiley sun faces …

And then the balloons start out on their journey, with the hope that they will be found and that someone- be they big or small- will enjoy the message sent to them on a cold December day from a child’s hand.

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