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December 20, 2018

Making children laugh

For the young patients of the Suhl Children’s Hospital, this visit is a special pleasure. For one hour, Kasper, the evil witch, Santa Claus and their friends will be telling an exciting Christmas story. For their good deed, Andrea Bock, Dagmar Bosseckert, Kerstin Triebel-Hess and Michaela Borzel from the Wehrfritz Computer Aided Design Department have swapped their desks in Bad Rodach for a HABA Punch and Judy show.

Using Christmas trees, pine branches, sheets and decorations, they transform a lounge area in the Suhl clinic into a small theatre with a wintry backdrop, where they perform one of Kasper’s adventures. The youngsters watch the play entitled “Christmas in the Witch’s Forest” where the evil witch has bewitched all of the Christmas trees. As if that were not enough, she has also poisoned the gingerbread cookies. Santa Claus and of course Kasper, who is always there to stop anything bad from happening, have to step up, and from then on, the witch can only do good magic. In the same way, the four Wehrfritz colleagues have “conjured up good things” to make the sick children and their parents forget about their pain and worry for a while.

“Just seeing the children’s eyes sparkle is a wonderful reward.”

“Seeing children’s eyes sparkle is a wonderful reward for all our work,” says Kerstin Triebel-Hess with pleasure.  As well as the young audience, some of them in wheelchairs or on a drip, the chief physician, Wolfdietrich Gassdorf, and the clinic’s Marketing Manager, Christian Jacob, watching the performance.

To commemorate the afternoon, the children receive a small gift, and the Wehrfritz employees also had building blocks in their luggage which the young patients will be able to use to let their imagination run wild in the clinic’s games room.

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