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August 31, 2018

Making school fun

Friday, 11:10 am: Instead of finishing their fourth class as usual, the 450 pupils of the Katharinenschule in Eisleben are today called by principal Carmen Ehrich to an extraordinary assembly in the schoolyard. A very special surprise awaits them there: Anne Oestreicher, Sales Manager at FIT-Z, and Frank Elsner, Sales Manager at project, are visiting today. And they have brought lots of things that make school nicer with them!

“As a company based in Eisleben, we are very pleased to do you a good deed today on behalf of the entire HABA Family of Companies,” Frank Elsner welcomes the pupils and the equally surprised teaching staff. “Some of your parents work at project and it was clear that we as room and school furniture specialists would like to do something good for our region to mark the anniversary of the HABA Family of Companies.” This is why one of the school’s classrooms is being completely fitted with new chairs today. The air cushion chairs are not only comfortable, but also very light. Sitting on these is very different to on the old wooden chairs.

“It was clear to us that we wanted to do something good for our region.”

The fifth graders, who get to take the new chairs into their classroom, cheer.
But there are also little gifts for everyone else. Anne Oestreicher takes over the microphone: “As part of the Family of Companies, FIT-Z takes care of teens – stylish fashion and cool products for your free time, hobbies, and school life. Today we’ve got goodie bags for you, so everyone gets something from the good deed.” All the students grab a trendy sports bag containing sunglasses, calendars, lunch boxes, and much more. The pupils of the Katharinenschule unpack everything right away and start using one or two of the items immediately.

“Cool!” is the unanimous verdict.

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