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October 20, 2018

Nesting aid for birds

Nature conservation: This not only means replanting forests and creating biotopes, but also doing very small things that can protect nature and animals and preserve biodiversity. This is why Maintenance staff invited lots of children from Bad Rodach and the surrounding area to build nesting boxes for birds at the weekend.

“Building and putting up nesting boxes benefits, for example, titmice, redstarts, starlings, and sparrows,” explains Sven Killenberg. He had the idea for the good deed and brought experienced ornithologist Arnold Kissinger on board, alongside his colleagues.

“It was great to see the children enjoying the initiative so much. Many of them now want to build more nesting boxes!”

The employees spend the Saturday morning setting up and preparing everything for the children and getting various materials ready.

In beautiful fall weather, the 25 children, who brought their parents for support, immediately set to work enthusiastically. They are shown how a nesting box is built, which bird species live with us, and how we can help them over the winter. “There are fewer and fewer old trees and buildings that offer natural niches and hollows,” Arnold Kissinger explains to the little ones. “That’s why the animals have a hard time finding a protected shelter in the winter and a suitable nesting place in the spring.” The children want to do something about this!

The leftover wood that the boxes are built from comes from the HABA Family of Companies’ furniture production and is recycled for this good deed. The finished nesting boxes are painted and decorated according to individual tastes using paints contributed by the Sachenmacher workshop. Each child proudly takes their own bird house home with them to find a suitable place for it in their garden or somewhere else outdoors. They are all looking forward to observing the first inhabitants soon.

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