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June 27, 2018

Play morning at the children’s hospital

Developing new HABA toys, coming up with a game, or combining different items from the product range into one package for the individual customer: these are just some examples of the work of Therese Schumann, Wiebe Baerwald, Kristin Nettbohl, and their eight colleagues from HABA Product Management, Game Editing, and Order Picking. This Wednesday morning, however, they are tackling a completely different mission: together, they set out for Suhl.
Their journey takes them to the Suhl Central Hospital, the largest hospital in southern Thuringia. From 9 to 11 a.m., the staff of the HABA Family of Companies would like to give the children currently on the ward for pediatrics and youth medicine and their parents a carefree morning with lots of fun playing.

This wonderful idea to make children in the hospital happy with HABA products developed in various minds before our anniversary year started. This is how three departments came to work together to bring the good deed to life.
The delegation from Bad Rodach comes to Suhl bringing heavy luggage: loaded with bags, it enters the children’s ward and is allowed to create a real playing paradise in the large recreation room.

“A great idea for our little patients!”

A large Kullerbü ball track, various books, classic and new games, wooden toys, and a wide range of arts and crafts await the children and their families this morning. The eyes of the little patients light up as they enter the room and discover and try everything out. And not only that: along with Mom and Dad, a large selection of playmates from the HABA Family of Companies are there to play, as well as nurses and doctors. “Wow, you brought a lot! I don’t know where to start,” rejoices little Lilli’s grandmother and goes from one corner of the room to the other with her granddaughter to play with all the great things.

There are toys to suit every age group, and beautiful works of art are created at the arts and crafts table over the two hours. But the absolute highlight is the fantastic Kullerbü ball track with its funny balls and vehicles, curves, ramps, and game effects.

The employees at Suhl Central Hospital are just as enthusiastic about the colorful play morning as the children they look after. “It’s an excellent idea for our little patients,” says head physician Wolfdietrich Gassdorf. “And the really wonderful thing is, our ward gets to keep the toys. We thank the HABA Family of Companies and the committed employees for their initiative.”

And the initiators of the good deed are also grateful: “It was terrific to see the children enjoying our initiative. We also received an incredibly nice reception, with a lot of joy and good spirits,” says Kristin about the warm welcome.

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