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November 16, 2018

Reading initiative in preschools

“The mini elephant is really cute!”: the picture-book animal immediately won the hearts of the little listeners in the preschool “Kleine Strolche” (little rascals) in Gauerstadt. This morning, the children settled down on cuddly cushions and pillows to hear about the adventures of the pachyderm. Kristin Weiß and Jonas Müller from HABA Marketing came today with a stack of HABA books to read aloud to the girls and boys in the preschool in Gauerstadt.

At the same time, other colleagues from the department unpack reading material in preschools in Streufdorf, Lautertal, and Sonneberg to entertain the little ones with stories from the HABA books. The date for this good deed as part of the 80-year anniversary campaign was chosen deliberately. On this day, the third Friday in November, the Stiftung Lesen (Reading Foundation) invites people all over Germany to read aloud.

Wide-eyed and sitting close to the readers, the children follow the experiences of the little elephant, who would like to have legs as long as a giraffe or horns as pointed as a wildebeest and finally learns that he is perfect just the way he is. The little ones look attentively at the illustrations and notice that, although they don’t know any wildebeest, they have seen cows – less surprising in Franconia – before.

“The shining eyes of the children and delving together into the stories were the greatest gift to us readers.”

The boys and girls are also enthralled when Kristin picks up the book “Udo findet Streiten doof” (Udo thinks arguing is stupid) and a girl spontaneously comments: “I think arguing is stupid too!” The children slide closely up to Kristin to have a good look at the pictures of the animals and share in the excitement of the story.

It goes very quiet when Jonas reads the story of the stubborn little fairy Linnea, who courageously saves an old tree with her magic powers. Everyone now wants to take a look at the book to see the “invisible” fairy with her disheveled wings and the disappointed beavers who are not allowed to saw down the old oak.

After a breakfast break, the children listen to further stories from various HABA books. When even the quieter ones start to fidget, the time has come for “Kullerbü”: together the children build the track and set the marble rolling.

The HABA books and ball track will continue to bring joy to the preschools in Gauerstadt, Streufdorf, Lautertal, and Sonneberg in the future: they will stay there as a gift and reminder of the Reading Day.

“It was our heartfelt wish to take part in this year’s nationwide Reading Day as part of the 80 good Deeds,” says Kristin. And Jonas adds: “The shining eyes of the children and delving together into the stories were the greatest gift to us readers.”

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