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April 23, 2019

Simply say thank you

They’re the good-hearted souls in the building. They come in early, or they leave late. Every day they work behind the scenes, taking care of the employees in Bad Rodach – and always have a friendly smile or a kind word. And some people may only really realize how important they are if they were no longer there: The canteen team and the cleaning staff.

They shouldn’t be overlooked in the year of good deeds. That’s why three colleagues from the HABA Family of Companies prepared a small celebration for them today, on behalf of the whole family-run company.

It’s just after eight on Tuesday morning, and while for most people the working day is just getting started, the canteen team has already been working hard since 5:30 am. They have received deliveries, prepared breakfast rolls, delivered catering, organized lunch and much more. The guests don’t notice much of the hustle and bustle. When you come into the canteen early in the morning for your first coffee, everything is already prepared, and you’re greeted with a friendly “Good morning!” or “Have a nice day!”

“People who do good things for others should also get something back.”

People who do good things for others should also get something back, thought colleagues Corina Trier, Louisa Wolf and Katharina Krappmann. And so today they set their alarm clocks a little earlier, to serve the canteen team a very special breakfast. While the team worked in the big kitchen, the three colleagues set a table with flowers, candles and delicious food that they brought with them: Organic eggs from their own chickens, homemade jam, and fish specialties that they smoked themselves.

“This looks amazing”, says canteen employee Sonja Klüglein, and calls her colleagues: “Stop work! Breakfast is served!” The other eight employees come curiously out of the kitchen, and happily take their places. “What have we done to deserve this?” asks canteen manager Frank Braungart. “We just wanted to say thank you”, explains Katharina as she takes coffee orders. Even that is being served today. “I could get used to this”, says Sonja enthusiastically, and bites into a salmon sandwich. Work seems easier after this refreshing break.

Once the canteen team stops work in the afternoon, it’s time for the cleaning staff to start work. Today they are treated to a homemade cake, which awaits them later as a surprise, and will hopefully sweeten the end of the day in the same way that breakfast for the canteen team sweetened the start. Because the cake also comes with a warm “Thank you!”

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