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December 19, 2018

Something warm for a winter’s day

When you do good yourself, you can experience something good too: The female staff of a small Red Cross social center in the Ukrainian town of Lviv were visited by Melita Braun, Head of Textile Quality Assurance, and Helen Fuchs, Quality Assurance Administrator, in good time for Christmas and, most importantly, before the bitterly cold winter days set in. As one of the HABA Family of Companies’ 80 good deeds, they were there to provide the women with warm hats, scarves and gloves. “The ten nurses take care of 250 patients, 35 of them every day, and manage with no vehicles. They travel by bus, tram, bicycle and on foot, in wind and all weathers”, says Melita Braun.

The women in the social center gratefully accepted the accessories, made of thick, soft red fleece, with great delight. Their guests from Bad Rodach had a total of 80 sets in their luggage, which they distributed to various Red Cross centers.

“We have production facilities in Ukraine, so we need to get socially involved there.”

“We have production facilities in the Ukraine, so we also have to get socially involved there,” says the head of textile quality assurance. As a supporter of her department’s “good deed”, she was able to win over two suppliers: The Green Cotton Group produces shirts and dresses for JAKO-O in Ukraine and now produces caps, scarves and gloves for the Red Cross employees, free of charge. The Quality Assurance team in Bad Rodach had prepared the measurement charts and specified the processing requirements. The red fleece fabric for the campaign was provided free of charge by Nobel in Hong Kong.

The ten nurses in the small social center visited by Melita Braun and Helen Fuchs take care of many elderly, vulnerable people who have no family. The Red Cross facility no longer receives any state funding. The reasoning is that sick people should seek treatment in the outpatient clinic. Till Mayer, a journalist from Bamberg, Germany who has already reported from Ukraine for the German media several times, is involved in fundraising to secure the financing of the center for the next five years.

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