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November 3, 2018

Strong for men’s health

“The country needs healthy men!” The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mann und Gesundheit e.V. (German Society for Men and Health – DGMG) and Heldbergs, a mail-order company for men’s products and a brand of the HABA Family of Companies, agree.

“But too often men neglect their health and disregard the warning signs that their body gives them,” says Prof. Frank Sommer, President of the DGMG. And Heldberg founder Volker Habermaass also admits: “We men are often able to answer the question of when the next car inspection is due or when it’s time for an oil change better than how our own health is doing.” He himself admits to having neglected the topic of preventive health care before now.

A man’s year is full of appointments and things that a man absolutely has to think about. “There’s very little time left to think about yourself,” Volker knows. And the numbers confirm this: Only around one in five men in Germany regularly go to health check-ups.

“Health is Wealth”

Heldbergs now wants to change that and draw more attention to the topic. In time for “World Men’s Day” on November 3, which was introduced by Michael Gorbatschow in the year 2000 and calls on the “Lords of Creation” to think more about themselves and their bodies, Heldbergs is launching the campaign “Health is Wealth”.

Partnering with the DGMG and graphic designer Chris Bögle, Heldbergs has designed an enamel cup to mark the occasion. It is manufactured by Emalco in Siedlce near Warsaw. 50 percent of the proceeds from every cup sold will go towards the educational work of the DGMG association.

“Take responsibility for your own health and look after yourself,” Volker encourages.

To the charity cup:

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