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April 02, 2019

Take one, bring one

Today, on April 2nd, the birthday of Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen, the world celebrates International Children’s Book Day. This day was founded in 1967 to stimulate interest in reading and to make access to books simpler for children around the world.

In honor of this day, the HABA Family of Companies wanted to give a special gift to all little readers in and around Bad Rodach, so they built a cabinet for children’s books. This will soon be set up at the new playground on Schlossplatz. “I think it’s a fantastic idea! We’re really looking forward to the book cabinet”, says Mayor Tobias Ehrlicher.

The book cabinet was put to paper by Designer Falk Hartwig, who works in the Kindererlebniswelten Team. “The cabinet is actually a small house”, he says describing a sketch. “It’s the home of a bookworm and a reading rat, who sit on the roof and explain to the children how this public cabinet works. Around the little house are benches, which invite children to read if their curiosity gets the better of them and they have to open the book right away.”
The aspiring wood technicians in the HABA Family of Companies training workshop bring the sketch to life, and enthusiastically apply themselves to building the cabinet. They are supported by colleagues from production. “It’s a cool project”, says training manager Maik Leipold. And also a little tricky: “The cabinet doors are challenging. They need to be windproof and weatherproof so that the books are protected”, he explains.

“We hope that the books travel through lots of lots of different children’s hands.”

The cabinet is naturally delivered with a stock of children’s books. HABA made the selection, and put together a large package. There’s lots of books to discover, such as “Vom kleinen Bär und dem Mond” (The Little Bear and the Moon) and lots of exciting “Connie” stories. Miriam Koser, head of the HABA Editorial Department for Games and Books, hopes that children will discover real treasures here. Regarding the value of books she says: “Books let children dive into adventurous worlds, experience fun stories, and discover new perspectives – this makes them indispensable companions throughout childhood.”

“Take one, bring one”. This is the principle of the public book cabinet. You can take books or put them in at any time. Each little reader decides for themselves whether they keep the books, swap them or put them back. Miriam Koser and the HABA Family of Companies only have one wish: “We hope that the books travel through lots of lots of different children’s hands.”

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