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March 25, 2019

Time for a haircut

All of a sudden things are getting serious. Up to now, Lina was just watching her colleagues get their long hair cut off. Now it’s her turn. It doesn’t take long before the first locks fall. Little by little the rest of the hair is cut too.

A meeting room at the HABA Family of Companies’ premises has been transformed into a hairdresser’s salon. Many colleagues, and even the daughter of a colleague, answered Lina’s call for hair donations.

Lina is an apprentice, and had the idea of cutting her hair for a good cause. To do this, she cooperated with the non-profit organization “Die Haarspender” (The Hair Donators). With custom-made wigs made of human hair, the organization helps children who have lost their hair through illness, giving them a bit of “normality” back.

For this good deed, the hairdresser and organization founder Thomas Möller traveled all the way from Austria to personally cut the hair of the hair donation volunteers. He and Lina warmly welcome all the “Rapunzels” who are brave enough to part with their long hair today.

“Everyone’s bravery today paid off.”

The excitement is written on everyone’s faces, but Thomas knows the perfect way to relax them. He entertains the women with stories from his work as a hairdresser. There’s a lot of laughter in the next few hours, even while the hair is being cut.

Because the women can’t see themselves in the mirror as their hair is being cut, they are even more surprised when they hold their cut-off ponytails in their hands and can see the before and after pictures. “The hair donations, which were up to 45 centimeters long, gave the donators a completely different look. Everyone’s bravery paid off today”, says Thomas impressed.

While some of them are still a little skeptical of their new short hairstyle, others are looking forward to the advantages that it brings: “No more long sessions with the hair dryer, less shampoo, and easier combing – excellent!” Lina is pleased. And knowing that the cut-off hair will help someone leaves no doubt that the decision was a good one.

The donated hair will now be sent to Asia. There it will be hand-knotted into wigs within 30 days. “It took us a long time to find a wig maker that met our expectations. In Asia we managed to find a partner with a lot of experience and fair working conditions”, explains the organization founder.

At the end there is a group photo, and Lina presents a donation check on behalf of the HABA Family of Companies, to thank the non-profit organization for their tremendous dedication.

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