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April 11, 2019

Time travel for children

“Everything started billions of years ago in great silence. An unimaginable void: nothing. And suddenly there was a big bang”, Natascha Leflon tells the enthralled children at the Augustenstift kindergarten in Coburg about the Big Bang, and then travels with them through the history of the earth. On their journey they stop briefly for the dinosaurs, Vikings and knights.

Natascha’s job is actually in product management for teaching and learning materials at Wehrfritz. But lately her Fridays have been spent working as an artist, historian and storyteller in one.

So that the little explorers could better imagine the stops on their journey through the history of the earth, the trained glass and ceramics painter decided to make something really special: a representation on wall panels that the children can touch, marvel at and play with. To create visual highlights, Natascha sculpts elements such as the Big Bang, a volcano and a knight’s castle, and draws the various eras. To enhance playful learning, she also places figures of dinosaurs and knights on it.

“It’s wonderful to see how interested children are in the past.”

Since she started working on the wall panels, the kindergarten children have been full of curious questions about the artwork. “It’s wonderful to see how interested children are in the history of the world. Even little Kurt, who hardly talks about kindergarten at home, told his mother that I explain the past to him”, says Natascha happily.

Because the kindergarten is currently undergoing renovations, the timeline has been created on wall panels, so that it can be moved and find a permanent home later. This also means that the history of the earth can be supplemented with new drawings or materials. The journey through time continues.

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