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April 18, 2019

To the garden beds – set – go!

The days are noticeably longer, the sunshine is warmer and we feel drawn to the outdoors. This spring awakening means the start of the gardening season, and the preschool in Eishausen has also been hit by gardening fever. Partially because the children are looking forward to their own raised garden beds.

The fact that the preschool children will soon be able to plant their own fruit and vegetables is thanks to Danny Welz, who works in quality management. He started construction on the raised garden beds with some of the parents in fall, and now in spring is putting the finishing touches on them.

For the Eishausen preschool, where healthy nutrition plays an important role, the raised garden beds were a long-desired wish. “They will help children learn, with all their senses, where food comes from, and raise awareness of the importance of a balanced diet”, explains Danny.

“Even the littlest ones can help with planting, cultivating and harvesting.”

The preschool children still have to wait until May to plant, when the time of the “Frost Saints” is over and the last cold snap of the year has passed. They are assisted by the horticultural engineer Lydia Ehrentraut, who gives helpful tips about experiential gardening. “A well thought-out planting plan means that the preschool can have something to harvest throughout the season”, explains the expert.

The mini garden will consist of three themed garden beds: a tea bed with mint, sage and melissa, a vegetable bed with carrots, radish and snap peas, and a snack bed with strawberries, blueberries and currants.

The children are already visibly enthusiastic. “Every child is an explorer. The new raised garden beds are a great opportunity to experience nature, and the various heights of the beds mean that even the littlest ones can help with planting, cultivating and harvesting”, says Danny happily.

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