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April 04, 2019

Vanish into thin air

Everyone likes a campaign like this: For the 80th anniversary of the HABA Family of Companies, the fashion label Qiéro! has let 80 invoices “vanish into thin air”. Anyone who ordered fashion items for their new spring look, or beautiful items for their home, between mid January and the start of February could, with a bit of luck, look forward to a nice letter from Qiéro!: “You’re a winner – we’re making your invoice vanish into thin air!”

“A Qiéro! order with a nice surprise”

Qiéro! has reimbursed any invoice amounts that had already been paid by the 80 winners. The customers could use the amount for an extra wish from the Qiéro! catalog, or have the balance paid out to them on request.

“We drew the winners from all orders in the competition period. The ordered products were an appropriately random selection from our range: From clothing and accessories to decorative and practical items for the home”, says Magdalena Gückel from Qiéro! Customer Management. A good deed that was a nice surprise for 80 customers!

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