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February 27, 2019

Welcome to the “Playground den”

It’s a sunny but frosty morning. And yet there’s plenty of hustle and bustle at the playground in Oettingshausen. A group of employees from the HABA Family of Companies and volunteer are in the process of building a small hut for parents and children.

This good deed was suggested by employee Michael Scheler. On an autumn walk he saw the badly sheltered seating area at the playground, and had the idea of adding walls to the already existing roof. “The seating area was exposed to wind and weather. If families are caught out in a surprise rain shower while playing they should have somewhere dry to shelter”, was his suggestion.

“Families have a dry shelter.”

To put his idea into practice, Michael enlisted the help of, amongst others, local spokesman Rainer Höfer and technical draftswoman Sabine Barthelmann. The small hut was then built by employees of the HABA custom carpenter’s workshop and apprentices in the HABA training workshop.

“We loaded the finished components onto a trailer yesterday”, says Michael. And today the hut, with its six windows and an open gable, is being put together. “It’s nice and bright inside”, says Michael. The fact that the hut, which has been dubbed the “Playground Den”, could be set up in just a few hours is thanks to excellent cooperation: “Excellent preparation by the custom carpenter’s workshop and the training workshop meant that setup ran very smoothly. A big thank you to the colleagues”, emphasizes the locksmith.

As soon as the “Playground Den” is set up the local residents are full of praise and approval. They like it. Once the hut is finished, the only thing still missing is new grass before renovation of the playground can be completed. So far numerous donations from village fairs, and over 100 hours of volunteer labor have flowed into the project.

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